Outside of the expense of the device, and the cost and time of obtaining the tax stamp, there are few downsides to shooting with silencers.


Why would I want a silencer?

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Advantages gained:

While legal reasons prevent us from saying it's safe to shoot a suppressed firearm without hearing protection, many of our customers report that they've made the choice to do so with great results.  In the real world, this allows for better communication between hunters and the ability to speak in quite voices, adding to the overall safety of the hunting party without sacrificing concealment

Thinking about your neighbors - Whether it's target shooting or varmint control, no one wants to hear the retort of a firearm around their house.

Better Shooting - The decreased recoil and noise has many shooters immediately increase accuracy as they are no longer anticipating the noise or recoil from an non-suppressed firearm.


Shopping for your Silencer

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